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By admin | October 27, 2009 - 9:31 am - Posted in Chubby Lesbians

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Is that thunder I hear, or are those two enormous BBW lesbians from next door at it again? Yes!!! There’s nothing like the sight and sound of a couple of huge fat girls going at each others big wet fat cunts like a couple of starving dinosaurs! These chubby whores can’t seem to get enough of each others flabby tits and pussies and asses, and they show you that outdoor chubby lesbian hardcore action is the name of the game in this excellent high quality bbw video gallery! For DVD quality streaming videos and no pay-per-view fees (instant downloads!), you need to check out Bbw Vault!

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By admin | July 29, 2009 - 9:47 am - Posted in Chubby Lesbians

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It was the battle of the mega-bitches today at our latest lesbian BBW shoot, because we finally found two evenly matched super-sized hotties to flab it out in our waddling–I meant wading-pool! The sky darkened when these two gargantuan divas closed in on each other, largely because they blocked out the sun. Gallons and gallons of water sloshed over the edge of the pool as they lay there carressing each others bulbous bellies and cottage-cheese thighs, and the fat asses were a sight to behold! The moans made the crew think of the sounds dinosaurs must have made when they mated, and the pussy-licking ladies took their time–they had to, because that’s a lot of ground to cover! These two fucked and paddled each others fat pussies all for your enjoyment, and they left the shoot satisfied–yet mysteriously hungry…