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I’ve watched a lot of porn over the years. After a while, it can seem as though you’ve seen it all. When I found out I could save up to 74% with an BBW Fight Club discount, it felt as though I’d hit the jackpot. This is where you’ll get to watch as big girls battle it out.

There are three rules here. The first is the same with any fight club, you don’t talk about it. The second rule is that there are only two girls fighting at a time. The final rule is that the competitors have to be fully nude. That means no clothes and no shoes. The unspoken rule is that the winner gets to fuck the male referee. The way the site is set up, you’ll see a bracket with the winners. Each scene starts out with a brief interview where you’ll get to know the chicks on a personal level. There are 10+ matches in these archives. It’s worth mentioning that there aren’t any English subtitles, but words aren’t necessary to follow along with the action.

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These days, it’s not that easy to find the kind of videos featuring chubby ebony lesbians that you like to watch. So it’s your good luck that there’s a site like BBW Vault, and you can find every type of video starring big beautiful women! These babes need lovin’ too, and in the video above these fat ebony sluts are all hot and bothered and ready to eat each other right up! Check out the sample bbw video gallery and see if your temperature rises, and if it does then that means the BBW Vault is the site for you!

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Her name is Clara, and she’s today’s BBW lesbo update for your viewing pleasure! If you like ’em big and beautiful, then this fat lady is right up your alley. She was ready even before the cameras started rolling, and her big fat pussy was dripping through her stretchy panties and her mammoth chubby tits were spilling out of her formidable bra by the time everything was set up for filming! She brought along a smaller, though still huge, girlfriend with her to keep the action hot and meaty, and before long these sweaty plumper babes were so into each other’s flabby bodies it was like they had melded into one huge and hardcore mass of flesh and fat rolls! They were horny and eager to please us, and since we’re in the business of pleasing you, we got the entire fat fuck fest right here so you can check it out and do what you do. Pervert.

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Is that thunder I hear, or are those two enormous BBW lesbians from next door at it again? Yes!!! There’s nothing like the sight and sound of a couple of huge fat girls going at each others big wet fat cunts like a couple of starving dinosaurs! These chubby whores can’t seem to get enough of each others flabby tits and pussies and asses, and they show you that outdoor chubby lesbian hardcore action is the name of the game in this excellent high quality bbw video gallery! For DVD quality streaming videos and no pay-per-view fees (instant downloads!), you need to check out Bbw Vault!

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These were two totally fun-loving chubby chicks, and the flabulous bbw lesbo lick action between them got extremely intense when they came out of their acres and acres of clothing! These naked fat girls wobbled around each other like a couple of well-fed sumo wrestlers before they closed in and attacked! We have never seen so many rolls of fat collide so dramatically! When they joined, the gravitational pull of this small planet sucked the cameraman’s necklace into something that looked like a small black hole! Our chubby girls wiggled and squirmed their way to orgasmic ecstasy, and the trembling of their enormous bellies and fat asses toppled a small nearby tree, but that didn’t bother these two large and lovely ladies. We have it all on film, and if you like sizeable lesbian bbw sex at it’s hardest–and hugest–then you are going to love this update from BBW Vault!

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Our photographer had a hard time finding a lens big enough to catch these two dinosaurian divas on film, but he finally did, and here they are in all their natural, gigantic glory! This was one of the flabbiest bbw lesbian fuckfests we’ve ever seen, and we knew we had to bring it to you in today’s update to show you what you’ve been missing as one chubby licks pussy like there’s no tomorrow! These large, lascivious lovelies had the time of their lives eating each other out for your enjoyment–at one point we had to break them up because the bbw lick action was getting out of hand and we thought we might have to carry one of these humongous bbw lesbo hotties out on a stretcher, and there were only seven of us there at the time…If big fat whores are what you’re looking for, then this is definitely the picture series for you!

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It was the battle of the mega-bitches today at our latest lesbian BBW shoot, because we finally found two evenly matched super-sized hotties to flab it out in our waddling–I meant wading-pool! The sky darkened when these two gargantuan divas closed in on each other, largely because they blocked out the sun. Gallons and gallons of water sloshed over the edge of the pool as they lay there carressing each others bulbous bellies and cottage-cheese thighs, and the fat asses were a sight to behold! The moans made the crew think of the sounds dinosaurs must have made when they mated, and the pussy-licking ladies took their time–they had to, because that’s a lot of ground to cover! These two fucked and paddled each others fat pussies all for your enjoyment, and they left the shoot satisfied–yet mysteriously hungry…