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By admin | March 19, 2010 - 8:13 am - Posted in Chubby Girls

Cruvy Kaitlin and her 50 inch ass right in your face. Bam! Proof positive chubby girls are the best when it comes to fat asses. This blonde bbw is taking her measurements today, and although she has nice plump tits, it’s that 50 inch ass that grabs my attention. I just want to take those chubby cheeks and sink my teeth into them! If you like blonde bbws too, check out Curvy Kaitlin and her best feature – her 50 inch ass. 🙂

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By admin | October 9, 2009 - 9:31 am - Posted in Chubby Lesbians

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These were two totally fun-loving chubby chicks, and the flabulous bbw lesbo lick action between them got extremely intense when they came out of their acres and acres of clothing! These naked fat girls wobbled around each other like a couple of well-fed sumo wrestlers before they closed in and attacked! We have never seen so many rolls of fat collide so dramatically! When they joined, the gravitational pull of this small planet sucked the cameraman’s necklace into something that looked like a small black hole! Our chubby girls wiggled and squirmed their way to orgasmic ecstasy, and the trembling of their enormous bellies and fat asses toppled a small nearby tree, but that didn’t bother these two large and lovely ladies. We have it all on film, and if you like sizeable lesbian bbw sex at it’s hardest–and hugest–then you are going to love this update from BBW Vault!

By admin | July 29, 2009 - 9:47 am - Posted in Chubby Lesbians

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It was the battle of the mega-bitches today at our latest lesbian BBW shoot, because we finally found two evenly matched super-sized hotties to flab it out in our waddling–I meant wading-pool! The sky darkened when these two gargantuan divas closed in on each other, largely because they blocked out the sun. Gallons and gallons of water sloshed over the edge of the pool as they lay there carressing each others bulbous bellies and cottage-cheese thighs, and the fat asses were a sight to behold! The moans made the crew think of the sounds dinosaurs must have made when they mated, and the pussy-licking ladies took their time–they had to, because that’s a lot of ground to cover! These two fucked and paddled each others fat pussies all for your enjoyment, and they left the shoot satisfied–yet mysteriously hungry…

By admin | December 14, 2008 - 9:27 am - Posted in Chubby Black

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Today was the day that black BBW Malika was scheduled to put on her hot bbw hardcore show for our cameras, and we had no idea what to expect–this chubby black girl is a real biggun’, and she’s really into herself! She’s also really into her big fat slut of a friend Karla, and these two enormous chubby girls went after each other like starving lions after an injured antelope! The flab was flying and the fat asses were slapping like waves against the beach as these two black plumpers fucked each other with their sex toys. Never have we seen two ebony fatties so hot and horny for each other, and these two seemed to forget the cameras were even there! If you want to see what happens when fat black girls really get it on, then you have to check out the sexy videos from this hot bbw fuck session, only at BBW Vault!