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Our man is a chubby chaser and he sure did score big when he met this hot and horny (and huge) chubby redhead in the parking lot of a local motel this morning! She was evidently hungry, and her appetite was for some stiff black cock! Our stud was on the menu and the action got hard and heavy when this sexual monster stripped down and rode him so frantically his dick was rubbed raw! At one point I thought we might have to send someone in after him because it looked like he was about to fall in that wet hole, but he latched onto her flabby fat ass and held on for dear life, pounding away at that bbw pussy and beating it into submission! Then he started hitting it from behind, and we lost sight of him for a few moments. But he eventually emerged victorious, having conquered another naked fat girl for BBW Hunter!

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I woke up horny and there was only one way to satisfy myself–I wanted to go find the biggest, flabbiest piece of fat pussy in town, take her back to my bedroom, and drill her fat ass! So I went on the hunt, and in less than an hour, I was on the way back home with a huge BBW slut named Mandy, and the motor of my car was straining so loudly I thought I would probably get pulled over! But I didn’t, and as soon as I squeezed Mandy through my door, I got her out of her sheer panties and powerful bra, and I managed to get her on her knees so I could gag her with my stiff cock. This fat naked girl sucked my dick like it was the best lollipop on the planet, and when she was able to get turned around I stuffed that flabby cunt and pounded away at her like a lumberjack trying to chop down a redwood with a hammer! She had some good pussy, and when I finally came into her big pale face, all she could do was smile up at me…

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Huge and hungry Rikki had been an entire hour without anything to eat, so she sent out for her chubby chaser man-friend to bring her something to put in her mouth. He brought it alright, and she knew that she would have to take care of him before he could take care of her! That was fine, because she knew that if feeling on her big giant tits and fat ass were what it was gonna take, then no problemo! Rikki let her pal get all the touchy-feely he wanted, and then she took him into her hungry mouth and gave him all the attention he needed! And as an added bonus, he shot off down her eager throat and gave her an extra shot of protein to hold her over until the real food arrived! Check out this bbw slut in all her flab-tastic, gigantic glory!

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Today’s big beautiful chubby blonde babe is all boobs and gut, with a huge fat ass thrown in! Her name is Wendy, and she’s so fucking big that after you fuck her, you can roll over three times and still be on top of her! This mammoth mama has plenty of meat on her bones, but she’s still interested in how much meat you have, too! Check out the way lovely, large Wendy wants to tease you by covering her massive breasts in sexy body paint that you can lick off of her, and when she bends over and puts that humongous fat booty in the air, it’s only so you can see what you could be hitting tonight! Wendy is one horny heiffer, and she’s thinking of you while she strips for our cameras. Would you be Wendy’s late night snack, or do you think you’re man enough to count as a meal for this big, chubby slut?

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Daniii seemed hesitant when we first approached her, but this blonde BBW was open-minded enough to be the next BBW Superstar, and what a star she is! Watch this chubby girl rock this lucky black stud’s world! He taps that fat ass and proclaims it the best pussy on earth!

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Don’t you just love the sight of a chubby blonde in a hot masturbation video? Well I sure do, and I found just what I was looking for when I came across this hot sample chubby movies! Check out this sexy bbw hottie as she strips down to nothing and shows you those enormous tits and that huge jiggling fat ass! You’re gonna be turned on by this chubby slut as she gets physical with herself and introduces that chubby pussy to her favorite toy…

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Very cute and plump redhead has been interested in trying a little something special, and she needs to convince her man to help her do it. Luckily, it’s not that difficult! First, she sucks his cock hard then turns around and let’s him plow her fat ass from behind. After some chubby anal loving he’s about to cum, so she whips around and pumps a hot load of cum on her sexy face, sucking out the last few drops while he shudders quietly, wondering what sort of chubby girlfriend he’s gotten mixed up with!

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Our chubby chaser scores again, this time with a buxom chubby brunette he met in the parking lot near the local library! This huge fat chick couldn’t believe that she was being hit on by our resident stud, and was only too eager to get somewhere private so she could show him her sizeable wares, and we got them back to the motel room so they could enjoy each other’s company in private–with our cameras filming every stroke of his cock and jiggle of her massive fat tits! The action got hardcore very quickly, and the moans this horny plumper made could be heard all the way across the street in the McDonalds that she must frequent on a thrice-daily basis! Our man drilled and pounded her fat pussy until she was satisfied, then finished her off with a warm splash across that massive fat ass, and you can view the entire video and picture set only at BBW Hunter!

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Kaitlin is an enormous amateur bbw with incredibly huge tits and fat ass for days…and days! This horny plumper wanted to show you just what you could be hitting tonight, and we were more than happy to break out the cameras and let this large lady strip down and toy with her cavernous fat pussy to get you all turned on! Watch the way this chick lays back and fucks herself into a frenzy with her favorite big rubber cock, and then see how she’s obviously a pro at spreading her thighs and then those blubbery pussy lips to let you have more than a peek at what you really have an appetite for! She’s into herself, and she wants you to be into her, too–deep into her! We have the entire picture and video series from this hot solo naked BBW masturbation scene ready for you!