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Chubby secretary Lisa Canon takes care of all office business, including any stiffening cocks.


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Samantha is a rather large milf with big chubby tits that any man could be proud of. She has a long list of dirty magazine and bbw porn credits to her name, with plenty of chubby chaser fans all over the world. Check out this hot clip where she fucks like a crazed sex kitten, talks like a dirty whore and then his pussy lubed cock gives her a Hawaiian muscle fuck until his balls explode! Big girls really do know how to rock your world.

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Our man is a chubby chaser and he sure did score big when he met this hot and horny (and huge) chubby redhead in the parking lot of a local motel this morning! She was evidently hungry, and her appetite was for some stiff black cock! Our stud was on the menu and the action got hard and heavy when this sexual monster stripped down and rode him so frantically his dick was rubbed raw! At one point I thought we might have to send someone in after him because it looked like he was about to fall in that wet hole, but he latched onto her flabby fat ass and held on for dear life, pounding away at that bbw pussy and beating it into submission! Then he started hitting it from behind, and we lost sight of him for a few moments. But he eventually emerged victorious, having conquered another naked fat girl for BBW Hunter!

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Huge and hungry Rikki had been an entire hour without anything to eat, so she sent out for her chubby chaser man-friend to bring her something to put in her mouth. He brought it alright, and she knew that she would have to take care of him before he could take care of her! That was fine, because she knew that if feeling on her big giant tits and fat ass were what it was gonna take, then no problemo! Rikki let her pal get all the touchy-feely he wanted, and then she took him into her hungry mouth and gave him all the attention he needed! And as an added bonus, he shot off down her eager throat and gave her an extra shot of protein to hold her over until the real food arrived! Check out this bbw slut in all her flab-tastic, gigantic glory!

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Goddamn, did our resident chubby chaser score today with this incredibly super-sized fat slut! This chubby brunette was all rolling hills and deep valleys, and this lucky dude dove right in to battle this fat girl for our cameras. She had a sexual appetite that didn’t look as if it could ever be truly satisfied, and her cravings went far beyond the simple bbw sex that lots of fat women can be satiated with. She rode our mans weenie like a great mammoth, casting him in her dark shadow, and when he managed to maneuver this plumper babe onto her back, he had to push the flabby rolls of gut out of the way to get to the fat pussy! But he did get to it eventually, and this huge-titted sexy bbw layed back and enjoyed the feeling of cock in her twat, because it may never happen this way again! Finally our man launched his payload all over that pale shaved meat lips, the beast conquered, and went to rest his aching back…

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Candice is a shy plumper we met in a coffee shop and after she tentatively asked us if she fit the description of a ‘big beautiful woman’ we knew she would be perfect as a BBW Superstar. She came in and hooked up with one of our chubby chasers and he was in heaven exploring all of her enormous curves and crevices!

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Our chubby chaser scores again, this time with a buxom chubby brunette he met in the parking lot near the local library! This huge fat chick couldn’t believe that she was being hit on by our resident stud, and was only too eager to get somewhere private so she could show him her sizeable wares, and we got them back to the motel room so they could enjoy each other’s company in private–with our cameras filming every stroke of his cock and jiggle of her massive fat tits! The action got hardcore very quickly, and the moans this horny plumper made could be heard all the way across the street in the McDonalds that she must frequent on a thrice-daily basis! Our man drilled and pounded her fat pussy until she was satisfied, then finished her off with a warm splash across that massive fat ass, and you can view the entire video and picture set only at BBW Hunter!