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By admin | July 15, 2022 - 7:55 pm - Posted in Sex Dolls

Some people are hesitating between many sex dolls, some of them finally have decided to buy a life size adult sex doll online, but suffer from not knowing how the purchase process and delayed to order, today we take as an example, to explain our doll purchase process!

The purchase process is actually very simple!

The first step is to customize your own and unique TPE silicone sex doll!
You can choose the height of the doll, head shape, hair style, lipstick color, areola color, areola size, nail color and so on, down to many details all can be customized, such as whether the lower body implants hair, pubic hair style, whether tattoos, etc.! This will ensure that your doll is your own and unique and exclusive!

Step two, payment.
Because most realistic adult love dolls are a custom product, it is impossible to pay after delivery, she is your unique choice, no one will choose the exact same sex doll as you, and can not be recycled, can not be sold twice, so you need to consider carefully before paying.

Step 3, start produce!
After confirming the details and functional options for each type of your doll, complete the payment and the manufacturer will start produce the doll according to your order requirements! Normally it takes 3-7 working days to complete the production to ensure that the quality, appearance and other aspects of the doll meet the customer’s requirements!

Step 4, picture or video confirmation!
When the doll production is complete, you will get the actual effect pictures or video of the doll, only when the buyer expressed satisfaction and confirmation before the next step!

The fifth step, shipping!
After the super real feel silicone TPE doll meets the customer’s requirements and is confirmed by the customer, uxdoll will pack it carefully and carefully to meet the privacy protection requirements and finally ship it to the customer. The shipping time varies depending on your address, for example, 4-12 business days for the US.

Step 6: Receive the goods!
After the freight contacts you, you need to try to make an appointment for delivery because it is a large item. Check that the outside of the packaging is intact and make sure there is no damage to the doll during shipping.

Finally, if you have any questions about the doll buying process or any other questions about the doll, you can contact uxdoll, they have a great service team to answer all your questions about the doll for free!

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By admin | July 13, 2022 - 9:23 pm - Posted in Sex Dolls

The first time you buy a full body size adult love doll, there will certainly be many questions, many people want to know how to use, what are the skills, what taboos and so on, in fact, when you buy a sex doll it will come with instructions, to tell you how to use and how to maintain. Solid sex dolls can do a lot of positions like a real women, but also more expensive than simply adult toys, so if accidentally broken is caused by improper use, it will be very heartbreaking.

So how to use this hyper realistic sex dolls in proper? In this issue we learn from uxdoll love doll online website – how to use your doll after receiving the goods.

When we receive the sex doll, we must first clean the love doll, the head can be removed first, then use your usual shampoo and body wash to clean the doll, gently wipe with mild water, wait for the water on the surface of the doll’s body to dry naturally, before applying baby powder.

After the doll is cleaned, it can be used safely. Then, during use of the time whether or not to wear a condom? This issue depends on the individual, because the use of high quality solid sex dolls are required to put lubricant, otherwise it will be more dry, lubricant put more of course could get more comfortable experience, that do not wear is also okay, if wear may seem “responsible” a little.

About the sex doll position, what pose could bring you more convenient and more comfortable using experience? The most recommended is rear entry, or hold the doll in the upper you in the lower position are very good.

Then is to remember to clean your favorite sex doll after use, prolonged use without timely washing may lead to mold and odor. For dolls’ vaginas, it is easy to rinse with a douche. After washing, you also need to use a sponge to absorb the water and apply baby powder for the next use.

When the doll is not in use, the doll needs to be laid flat or hung vertically on the hook, these 2 poses is ideal for storage. The best place to store them is in a cool, ventilated and dry place.

uxdoll doll is an innovative brand in the TPE and silicone doll market, and is the source manufacturer of sex doll design. uxdoll provides one-stop design and sales service for sex doll purchase through a professional team, uxdoll will accompany every doll user.