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By admin | January 26, 2021 - 1:19 am - Posted in Uncategorized

I bet phone sex operators lead a interesting life. An average day for them most likely doesn’t exist. They talk to regular men, we understand that. They would also have a bunch of random phone sex calls and those are the ones where anything can happen.

I didn’t exactly see it as a personal challenge, but I did see it as something that I wanted to experience for myself. Long story short, I made the choice to visit website that has a good range of phone sex girls and I must admit it was a very interesting time.

What impressed me the most wasn’t the sensual voices that greeted me, sure they were very soothing, but it was actually the feeling of them making you feel comfortable while getting to know them. I never felt like I was disturbing them, it was never uneasy, it was just a pleasing experience and one that I plan on having again. I guess the age-old saying of you don’t know what feels good until you try it is true. The best thing is if it doesn’t feel right to you, you can just hang up the phone and never worry about calling back for a sex chat again!

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