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By admin | April 22, 2019 - 2:25 am - Posted in Sex Dolls

To decide which sex doll will be ordered is really not a simple thing for many guys, especially when you are surrounded by so many different types of charming love dolls. It’s a hard thing but also an important decision for your life. Imagine what an adult sex doll can do for you, you will then be more sure which one is really worth your money.

First, to decide the outer features of a doll may be helpful for you to get to the next step. Think about which height, hair style, breast size, body type, eyes color and skin color you will enjoy. If you like mini size ultra real sex doll, flat chest Japanese sex doll is your choice. Yes, most of the mini size doll are with small boobs. If you can’t find a perfect doll which can meet all your request, choosing the customize option is a good idea, she will be the unique and special one that only for you. It will be wonderful to designing your life size premium tpe sex doll from

After you are sure for the doll body features, then you will need to decide which material you want, normal tpe, premium tpe, or silicone. Compare the price, silicone sex doll have the most expensive price, premium tpe love doll usually more expensive than normal tpe but cheaper than silicone. From the user experience point of view, premium tpe sex doll is better than the other two. This is because the premium tpe love doll will not produce oil and you don’t need to use baby powder, and with the same ultra real details. Want to know more about this premium doll please to check, you will get more surprises there.

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