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By admin | October 23, 2022 - 7:54 pm - Posted in Sex Dolls

Nowadays, sex dolls are available in a wide selection of sexy, tall, huge butt sex dolls, slim tpe dolls and so on. But now the sex dolls are very expensive, so you need to be careful when buying them. For example, which material is better to choose? Silicone TPE sex dolls which is closer to the real thing?

Silicone sex dolls are a little more realistic in terms of the details of the face, skin, body parts, etc. The overall feel is harder and more sturdy than TPE sex dolls. Therefore, from both the visual and expressive aspects, silicone dolls are closer to real people than TPE sex doll.

But TPE sex dolls are not necessarily worse than silicone dolls, the following to compare the advantages and disadvantages of TPE dolls and silicone dolls in other areas:

1, TPE dolls are not as realistic as silicone doll, but the overall softer, the touch may be more comfortable.

2, TPE doll ductility better than silicone, silicone dolls are not handled well prone to tearing, and bad repair; TPE doll ductility than silicone dolls, not easy to pull crack.

3, TPE dolls are a little lighter, such as A cup sex doll and 140cm sex doll. Silicone dolls are heavier.

4, TPE material is not resistant to high temperatures, nor acid and alkali; silicone material is resistant to both high temperatures, acid and alkali, chemical stability is relatively high.

5, The price of TPE doll is relatively low then silicone sex doll, the price in the 700 U.S. dollars – 3000 U.S. dollars, there are also very affordable special sale sex dolls for choose. Silicone doll price in more than 5000 U.S. dollars.

Above, is the main difference between TPE dolls and silicone dolls, although the overall silicone dolls are closer to real people, but if the pursuit of soft touch, TPE dolls are actually a very good choice, and cheaper.

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By admin | September 30, 2022 - 12:29 am - Posted in Sex Dolls

The sex doll market is full of different types of silicone TPE sex dolls, chubby fat sex doll, Anime sex doll, muscular sex doll that people are overwhelmed by. For a newcomer who wants to buy a quality TPE sex doll, how do you pick a doll of your choice? After reading this article, you will buy the doll you really need.

A good solid doll is one that meets the following.

1: The joint adjustment angle should be more, you can adjust different positions.

2: The current sex dolls are mainly silicone dolls and TPE dolls
TPE advantages: TPE material with soft, elastic and smooth characteristics, because of the soft so tear-resistant, easy to clean, durable, whether the user needs soft or tight feeling can meet the price is cheap; TPE disadvantages: because of material limitations, TPE head sculpture is not as real as silicone.

Silicone advantages: conducive to carving details, such as body texture, head sculpture, visually more like a real person; silicone disadvantages: the body does not feel anthropomorphic, in addition to the key parts of the other places will be harder. The market price is also more expensive than TPE several times. Silicone sex doll was more suitable for collection.

3: No odor (most products have odor at the beginning of the development of sex dolls. But the regular dolls, are no odor)

4: The body skin thickness is appropriate, not easy to deformation, not easy to perforation, can withstand long up long sitting, lying, long kneeling.

5: Has a large number of styles to choose from. Such as uxdoll has 300 + different solid TPE sex dolls for choose, bronze skin TPE sex doll, 140cm sex doll, small boobs TPE doll and so on.