Never pass up the chance to be with a chubby chick

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I’ll probably never forget how fucked up some things are when I was a teenager and word has it it’s the case for everyone. Puberty is a mess at the best of times with your hormones running completely rampant you you, for the most part, not having a clue where you fit in anywhere at any time. The only saving grace is that all your mates are in the same position.

We used to shun the fat girls you know because gawd forbid anyone should ever think you fancy a fat girl. You’d get mocked to no end and everyone absolutely has to try and be cool right.

How that shit dissipates into insignificance, exactly as it should, when you become an adult. All I can say to anyone ever passing up a cute chubby girl just because she doesn’t have a ‘perfect’ gym body is a complete fucking idiot… or a confused teenager.

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